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by Administrator7. June 2013 17:01

We’ve compiled a list of reasons someone might have their driveway laid with asphalt pavement this summer…check ‘em out below!

           1.      It’s economical. Having your driveway paved is financially sensible. Most properly-constructed asphalt pavement lasts 20 years or longer. That’s a lot of years, and a lot of saving in the long run.

           2.      It looks great. Fresh-looking driveways will make your home and vehicles look better. The two will complement each other. It’ll raise your real estate value, too.

           3.      It’s easier to drive on. Asphalt driveways repel ice and snow in the winter, and dirt and mud won’t stick to them as easily in the summer.

           4.      Paved driveways are easier to maintain. If they become dirty, give them a once-over with a hose.

           5.      They’re very durable. Asphalt pavement that was laid in Washington State on Interstate 90 has lasted more than 35 years since its construction. The chief engineer for the interstate has said it’ll last another 50 years because of its durable construction.

If you’re interested in getting your driveway paved, give us a call at 513.831.7500. Or, check out our estimate request form.

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