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by Administrator16. October 2013 13:39

Neglecting your driveway during the hard snowfalls of winter can be extremely detrimental to it. This is because snow and ice falls into the cracks and holes in your driveway and expands them, creating even bigger cracks and holes; which can then ruin your car as you drive over them over and over again.

Now that we have your attention, a good place to start (within the next few weeks) is with inspecting your driveway for holes and cracks and then patching them up before the snow falls.

Some tips on how safeguard your driveway this winter are as follows:

  • Clean and repair all of the holes and cracks in the pavement the day before seal coating it. Call a professional if you need help. 
  • Remove ice and snow from the driveway as soon as possible. The freezing and thawing process can crack and damage your driveway.
  • Use de-icing materials on your asphalt driveway, but be careful to not get those materials near concrete aprons or sidewalks.
PLEASE NOTE: We typically stop paving driveways by the beginning of December, so be sure to book an appointment before then! If paving your driveway just isn't in the budget this year, we'll be happy to come out and to provide an estimate this winter so you can budget the project for next year.


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