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by Administrator18. June 2014 14:31

Learning What to Expect With Asphalt Paving

If you’ve got an upcoming asphalt paving job with the paving contractors of J.K. Meurer, we want you to know what to expect. While we will always do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product, we also want to familiarize you with what happens between the beginning and end of your paving job.

Your Vision

In order to better manage your expectations, you should talk with your contractor about what materials you’d like to have used for your paving job, the kind of asphalt that you’d like to have and how big your budget is. Paving contractors will use this information to complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible according to your standards. 

Quality Materials

Using quality materials is the foundation of any professional paving job. When high quality products are used, your driveway, private road or parking lot will be more durable and will look its best. Not only is it better to use quality materials, it’s also good to obtain those materials through reputable manufacturers and suppliers. 

The Groundwork

You should also expect the width and length of your asphalt to be laid as perfectly as humanly possible. Specific industry standards are used when it comes to putting the layers in place. Paving contractors should also put down an extra layer if they can in order that the pavement will be extra durable. Something else that you should expect is proper drainage so that your driveway doesn’t become a pond when it rains.

The Finishing Touch

You can tell just how well an asphalt paving job was done by looking at the finish.  The paving should be kept as even as possible from the first layer to the final layer. Take a look at the pavement during the process to see how smooth and even it is.


The paving professionals at J.K. Meurer have the experience and industry connections required for any residential, commercial or municipal paving job. Give us a call to see what you can expect with your upcoming paving project.  


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