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3 Spring Tips for Driveway Maintenance

Driveway repair and replacement can be a costly investment. Stay on top of your driveway maintenance with these 3 easy tips any homeowner can use.

Fill and Seal Cracks

The number one cause for driveway damage is a result of unattended cracks and poor upkeep. Spring is a great time to take care of any potential hazards in your driveway’s pavement so take action now! Overtime, the smaller holes and cracks that don’t seem like a big issue will continue to enlarge and eventually result in deterioration that will require professional assistance. The smaller cracks soak up moisture very easily and expand both the cracks themselves and the surface beneath the pavement. Nowadays, you can find caulk and sealer for just about any material so your only excuse for not fixing the minor issues now is on you!

Don’t Park on the Edge

Another common cause for driveway deterioration starts along the edges of the driveway. Think about the amount of pressure driveways handle every day. If you are constantly parking your vehicles on the edges of the surface instead of in the middle, there is probably cause for cracks and holes. It’s really a simple tip, but when you are parking multiple cars on a smaller driveway, you could be creating an expensive burden for yourself down the road.

Remove Stains 

Believe it or not, but if oil and other fluids aren’t cleaned up off your driveway they will soak into the pavement and eventually create cracks. Stains are also an aesthetic no-no for those trying to keep their homes exterior looking sharp. For homeowners that like to change their car’s oil, it is worth spending the extra time cleaning up the leftover mess. There are many ways to remove oil stains, but a simple trick is to apply baking soda to a wet stain and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Then, wet the stain with a bucket or hose and scrub out the remaining residue.

If you are reading this article because your driveway needs repair, Contact Us now for a free estimate on your driveway. The spring is a great time to have a driveway repaired, replaced, and installed. You can check out some of our past residential driveway work here.