Tennis & Basketball Court Paving and Install

As an asphalt paving contractor, JK Meurer can provide outdoor tennis court installation, basketball court installs, and running track installations for schools, parks, and residential customers in Cincinnati.

Tennis Court Paving and Installation

JK Meurer can meet all your needs for building and maintaining outdoor tennis courts. We are an experienced tennis court installation contractor and have installed many outdoor tennis courts in the Cincinnati area. Our tennis court contract services include:

  • Excavation and Tennis Court Base Installation
  • Asphalt Installation
  • Tennis Court Surfacing and Coloring
  • Tennis Court Fencing, Poles and Tennis Net Installation
  • Line Striping the Tennis Court

Outdoor Basketball Court Paving and Installation

Our Outdoor basketball courts are installed by experienced basketball court contractors and pavers. We can install both custom and standard full and half courts residentially and commercially. Some of our clients include parks, schools, recreation centers and apartment and condominium complexes. Our basketball court contract services enclude:

  • Excavation and Outdoor Basketball Court Base Installation
  • Asphalt Installation and Paving of the Basketball Court
  • Basketball Court Fencing, Poles and Basketball Hoop Installation
  • Line Striping the Basketball Court
  • Half Court and Full Court – Standard & Custom
  • Residential and Commercial – Recreational

Outdoor Running Track Paving & Install

Our Outdoor running tracks are installed all over the Cincinnati area. As paving contractors, we use the same paving process and much of the same equipment for contract running track paving projects. Our expertise in paving, lends well in producing quality, durable running tracks that are professional and enjoyable to run on. We can install and pave custom running tracks of varying lengths, widths, and designs. Our Outdoor Running Track Contract Paving Services Include:

  • Running Track Excavation
  • Path Paving of the Outdoor Running Track
  • Running Track Asphalt Installation, Paving and Asphalt Resurfacing
  • School Running Track Installation (non Asphalt)
  • Track Lane Striping and Marking
  • Standard and Custom Widths Lengths, Lanes, Designs
  • Outdoor Running Track Design and Planning
  • Running Track Seal Coating
  • Track Repair and Patching (Asphalt)