asphalt paving

Choosing an Asphalt Paving Service

Choosing the right asphalt paving service is important, both for your wallet and in the quality of service you’ll receive. Follow our tips below for choosing the right company to get the job done:

    1. It’s important to choose an asphalt service or a general contractor that is reputable in the area. Their service should be a trusted name both within the area and within the industry. Never accept an offer from someone who “just finished a paving job down the street and has ‘leftover’ pavement.”
    2. Get multiple quotes before accepting an offer, but don’t rely on only the “cheapest.” (Refer to bullet point #1.) The quote should focus on the same quantities and specifics.
    3. Ask the company for customer references.
    4. Read the entire contract and check it for information on what would happen if trees, grass, plants, etc. were damaged. Does the company have liability insurance? Are they willing to give you a copy of their certificate?
    5. Make sure the contract includes:
      • Start and end date
      • Responsibilities of the workers (full depth of the work)
      • Amount/depth of crushed aggregate to be used
      • Types of hot mix to be used for the job
      • Dimensions of the job area
      • Warranty on the craftmanship (both what it includes and how long it’s valid)
    6. ¬†Finally, you’ll want to check:
      • If there are any buried utility lines in the pavement area.
      • If you need a permit before the work starts, and whether the new construction will meet the city codes and placement standards.
      • If the work is within your property boundaries.

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