Commercial Asphalt Repair

Before Repair

commercial asphalt repair before photo

Asphalt Milling Repair – The damaged areas in the parking lot can be removed by grinding or milling the asphalt surface to a specified depth (Typically 2″ – 4″). The area is then cleaned and a bonding agent called tack coat is applied to the existing surface so the new asphalt adheres to the existing surface beneath. The outer edges of the repair area are then sealed with hot tar. This type of asphalt repair is required when the underlying base is not showing signs of failure, but the asphalt surface of the parking lot is showing cracking or damage in isolated areas of the parking lot. This approach allows the paving contractor to control the depth of the repair and thus provides a predictable cost effective approach to repairing blacktop.

After Repair

commercial asphalt repair after photo

Drainage Installation – Often the culprit of deteriorating asphalt on a parking lot is water. JK Meurer has the expertise to install multiple drainage solutions to properly manage water in order to protect your asphalt parking lot surface.

When an asphalt contractor evaluates an entire parking lot on behalf of a customer, it is important that they also taken into account Return On Investment (ROI) considerations for any specified blacktop repalirs. For example, a customer may own a parking lot that is fairly old and the entire asphalt surface is worn out and will require to be resurfaced or replaced in the next couple of years. It does not make good business sense to propose several asphalt repairs in isolated areas of the parking lot now, when the entire parking lot will need to be re-done sooner than later. JK Meurer may propose a short-term solution to address major blacktop repairs which represent safety liabilities and offer a budgetary quote to resurface the entire parking lot at a later date. JK Meurer Project Managers consult with our customers to ensure we are proposing asphalt repairs that will last and that make financial sense for our customers short and long-term.

As an experienced asphalt contractor, JK Meurer will provide provide an expert assessment of your parking lot. Often the parking lot is in good condition but has specific areas which require asphalt repair. It is critical for a paving contractor to have the experience and knowledge to correctly diagnose the reason that asphalt pavement has failed. After we review our prospective customer’s parking lots we propose solutions that not only fix the asphalt, but also address the root cause of the issue. There are several issues which can impact the peformance of an asphalt surface on a parking lot including drainage, depth of gravel base, depth of asphalt, traffic patterns and volume, type of material utilized and age of the parking lot. A qualified paving contractor must understand the symptons they can observe when determing the correct type of asphalt repair which is necessary to remedy the issue. There are several types of asphalt repairs that may be utilized when repairng a parking lot.

Full Depth Base and Asphalt Repair – Gravel and asphalt is excavated, typically to a depth of 10″ – 15″ and removed from the jobsite. A new gravel base is then installed and compacted. Asphalt is then installed. Most commercial parking lot applications require two layers of asphalt to be installed at a depth of 1.5 – 2.0 inches per layer. The outer edges of the repair area are then sealed with hot tar. This type of asphalt repair is necessary when there is complete failure of the area in the parking lot. Some typical symptons that would indicate an asphalt contractor should perform this type of asphalt repair would rutting of the pavement surface or mud pumping through the gravel base and cracked asphalt.