court construction

Tennis or Basketball Court-Running Track Construction

Looking for a paving contractor to install a tennis court, outdoor basketball court, or running trackJK Pavement has a skilled and experienced team of pavers that can build the desired space to your liking.  When these spaces are constructed properly, it ensures the best functionality for the longest possible period of time.

When developing a tennis court, our assortment of services is thorough.  We are thorough and complete in our efforts.  From the installation of asphalt that includes surfacing and coloring, to the completion of the tennis court through striping, fencing, and even pole and net installation.  With the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati right now, we know that tennis players are eager to get out and play!  With JK, as soon as we’re done, your tennis court will be suitable for play.

This holds true for the outdoor basketball courts and running tracks as well, and for all three the proper installation is critical for accuracy and the safety of those that will be using it.  Would you want to run a race against someone with uneven lanes?  Would you want to shoot hoops on an unleveled court?  We didn’t think so!  With us these are issues you won’t encounter.

Make the community proud by making outstanding outdoor recreational facilities.  Maybe the high schools playing surfaces are in need of an overhaul, or they at least need some resurfacing.  In the case that this is true, you know where to go!  We’ve been paving for over 25 years, and we’re confident in the quality of our services.